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Youth and Memory in Europe

Youth and Memory in Europe

Defining the Past, Shaping the Future

Félix Krawatzek et Nina Friess [dir.]
Berlin,  De Gruyter,  [2022],  390 p.
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This volume contends that young individuals across Europe relate to their country’s history in complex and often ambivalent ways. It pays attention to how both formal education and broader culture communicate ideas about the past, and how young people respond to these ideas. The studies collected in this volume show that such ideas about the past are central to the formation of the group identities of nations, social movements, or religious groups. Young people express received historical narratives in new, potentially subversive, ways. As young people tend to be more mobile and ready to interrogate their own roots than later generations, they selectively privilege certain aspects of their identities and their identification with their family or nation while neglecting others. This collection aims to correct the popular misperception that young people are indifferent towards history and prove instead that historical narratives are constitutive to their individual identities and their sense of belonging to something broader than themselves.

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Félix Krawatzek und Nina Friess, Centre for East European and International Studies (ZOiS), Berlin, Germany.




Acknowledgements    ̶  ̶  VII

List of Figures    ̶  ̶  XIII

List of Tables    ̶  ̶  XV

Félix Krawatzek & Nina Friess

Transmitting the Past to Young Minds    ̶  ̶  1

Part I: Regional Perspectives


Félix Krawatzek & Nina Weller

A Former Soviet Republic? Historical Perspectives on Belarus    ̶  ̶  27

Félix Krawatzek

Without Roots? The Historical Realm of Young Belarusians    ̶  ̶  41

Nina Weller

“Let’s be Belarusians!” On the Reappropriation of Belarusian History in Popular Culture    ̶  ̶  59

Allyson Edwards & Roberto Rabbia

The “Wild Nineties”: Youth Engagement, Memory and Continuities between Yeltsin’s and Putin’s Russia    ̶  ̶  75

Roberto Rabbia

Russian Youth as Subject and Object of the 1990s “Memory War”    ̶  ̶  85

Allyson Edwards

“Dear Young Warriors”: Memories of Sacrifice, Debt and Youth Militarisation in Yeltsin’s Russia    ̶  ̶  99

Duygu Erbil

The Making of a Young Martyr: Discursive Legacies of the Turkish “Youth Myth” in the Afterlife of Deniz Gezmiş    ̶  ̶  113

Lucie G. Drechselová

Youth au Féminin: Gendering Activist Memory in Turkey    ̶  ̶  127

M. Paula O’Donohoe, Begoña Regueiro Salgado & Pilar García Carcedo

Official Narratives of the Civil War and the Franco Regime in the Twenty-first Century    ̶  ̶  143

Begoña Regueiro Salgado & Pilar García Carcedo

Anti-militaristic and Pacifist Values across Spanish Children’s Literature    ̶  ̶  151

M. Paula O’Donohoe

Transmitting the Civil War across Generations: How Spanish Youth Acquire their Memories    ̶  ̶  167

Mirko Milivojevic & Dilyara Müller-Suleymanova

(Post)-Yugoslav Memory Travels: National and Transnational Dimensions    ̶  ̶  181

Dilyara Müller-Suleymanova

“I am something that no longer exists . . .”: Yugonostalgia among Diaspora Youth    ̶  ̶  191

Mirko Milivojević

The Yugoslav 1980s and Youth Portrayals in Post-Yugoslav Films and TV    ̶  ̶  205

Part II: Thematic Perspectives


Jade McGlynn, Karoline Thaidigsmann & Nina Friess

Promoting Patriotism, Suppressing Dissent Views: The Making of Historical Narratives and National Identity in Russia and Poland    ̶  ̶  221

Jade McGlynn

Living Forms of Patriotism: Engaging Young Russians in Military History?    ̶  ̶  231

Nina Friess

Engaging Young Readers in History: Alternative Historical Narratives in Contemporary Russian Children’s Literature    ̶  ̶  247

Karoline Thaidigsmann

Engaging the Reader − Revising Patriotism: Polish Children’s and Crossover Literature in the Twenty-First Century    ̶  ̶  261

Chris Reynolds & Paul Max Morin

Dealing with Contested Pasts from Northern Ireland to French Algeria: Transformative Strategies of Agonism in Action?    ̶  ̶  277

Thomas Richard & Christiane Connan-Pintado

The Dark Corners of European Colonial Memory in Films and Literature    ̶  ̶  303

Christiane Connan-Pintado

Fictionalisation of Slavery in Children’s Books in France    ̶  ̶  313

Thomas Richard

King Sebastian and Lost Paradise? Amnesia and Opposing Myths    ̶  ̶  325

Solveig Hennebert & Isabel Sawkins

Beyond the Normative Understanding of Holocaust Memory: Between Cosmopolitan Memory and Local Reality    ̶  ̶  339

Isabel Sawkins

Understanding Terrible Crimes: Youth Memory of the Holocaust in the Russian Federation    ̶  ̶  349

Solveig Hennebert

“I am not comfortable with that”: Commemorative Practices among Young Jewish People in France    ̶  ̶  365

Notes on Contributors   ̶  ̶  379

Index   ̶  ̶  383

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