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The End of the Ottomans

The End of the Ottomans

The Genocide of 1915 and the Politics of Turkish Nationalism

Margaret L. ANDERSON, Hans-Lukas KIESER, Seyhan BAYRAKTAR, Tomas SCHMUTZ (ed.)
London, New York,  I.B. Tauris, Library of Ottoman Studies ,   [2019],  384 p.

About The End of the Ottomans

In the early part of the twentieth century, as Europe began its descent into the First World War, the Ottoman world – once the largest Empire in the Middle East – began to experience a revolution which would culminate in the new, secular Turkish state. Alongside this, in 1915, as part of an increasing nationalism, it enacted a genocide against its Armenian citizens. In this new study, Hans-Lukas Kieser marshals a dazzling array of scholars to re-evaluate the approach and legacy of the Young Turks – whose eradication of the Armenians from Asia Minor would have far-reaching consequences. Kieser argues that genocide led to today's crisis-ridden Middle East and set in place a rigid state system whose effects are still felt in Turkey today.Featuring new and groundbreaking work on the role of bureaucracy, the actors outside of Istanbul and re-centreing Armenian agency in the genocide, The End of the Ottomans is a vital new study of the Ottoman world, the Armenian Genocide and of the Middle East.

Table of contents

1. Introduction (Margaret Lavinia Anderson and Hans-Lukas Kieser)Part I – Biography and Genocide. A perpetuation of Young Turk pattern and practices 2. Mehmed Talaat: Demolitionist founder of post-Ottoman Turkey (Hans-Lukas Kieser) 3. A Perpetrator, a Savior and an Enigma: Cemal Pasha, Arabs and Armenians (Ümit Kurt) 4. Honour and Shame: The Diaries of a Unionist and the “Armenian Question” (Ozan Ozavci) 5. Tahsin Uzer: Talaat's Man in the East (Hilmar Kaiser) 6. Pro-active local perpetrators: Ahmed Faik Erner and Mehmet Yasin Sani Kutlug (Ümit Kurt) 7. A Man for all Regions: Aintabli Abdulkadir and the Special Organization (Hilmar Kaiser) 8. Zohrab and Vartkes: Reform-minded Ottoman Deputies. Intimates and Victims of the CUP (Raymond Kévorkian) 9. Aram Manoukian, Armenian leader in Van (Khatchig Mouradian)Part II – Exploring genocide on the spot 10. The War before War at the Caucasus Front: A matrix for genocide (Candan Badem) 11. The state, local actors and mass violence in the Bitlis province (Mehmet Polatel) 12. From Aintab to Gaziantep: The Reconstitution of an Elite on the Ottoman Periphery (Ümit Kurt) 13. Scenes from Angora, 1915: The Commander, the Bureaucrats, and Muslim Notables during the Armenian Genocide (Hilmar Kaiser) 14. The Very Limit of our Endurance': Unarmed Resistance in Ottoman Syria during: Armenian Agency in Syria in World War I (Khatchig Mouradian) 15. Afterword: Violence, ethics, historiography (Hamit Bozarslan) Chronology Index

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